At our December, 2020 meeting, the Pass the Federal Green New Coalition decided to: 

*Endorse and send to Congress members for the Pro-Act-Protect the Right to Organize, and  

*Sign on to the “Climate President” petition asking President Biden: 

  • Declare a Climate Emergency under the National Emergencies Act. This step would unlock specific statutory powers to allow for rapid clean energy development. 
  • Stop fossil fuel exports and infrastructure approvals. 
  • Use the Clean Air Act to set a science-based national pollution cap for greenhouse pollutants, and to drive emissions towards zero economy-wide. 
  • Establish an office of Climate Mobilization as described by Sunrise.  

At our January, 2021 meeting, the Coalition decided to: 

*Sign on to the Build Back Fossil Free,  

*Send a letter to Congress members to support the CRA, Congressional Review Act to reverse Trump’s last minute regulations, such as  

  • Exposing our unprotected North Cascades public lands to more logging and roads, with a rule that lets the Forest Service skip environmental reviews. 
  • Excluding scientific studies from environmental policy-making. 
  • Removing penalties on fossil fuel companies that kill birds while engaged in industrial activities like drilling. 
  • A rule that limits future EPA regulations by requiring the agency to ignore the greenhouse gas reductions that result. 
  • Delaying tighter restrictions on soot for at least five years—even though tightening the current standard would prevent tens of thousands of early deaths every year. 
  • Not increasing current air pollution standards for ozone. 
  • Stripping down environmental reviews for LNG exports. 
  • A series of rules that decrease energy efficiency standards for manufacturers and loosen efficiency testing requirements. 



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