The frontline communities facing climate change are communities of color.

Changing to a green economy is more than ending extractive industries.

Our energy needs as a society are enormous, and our investment must also be.

Healing the environment makes it sustainable for all species, not just the adaptive few.

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Current Actions

We feature actions that elevate the Green New Deal. Sign on!

Write to President Biden and ask him to: 

·      Declare a Climate Emergency under the National Emergencies Act to unlock specific statutory powers to allow for rapid clean energy development;

·      Stop fossil fuel exports and infrastructure approvals;

·      Use the Clean Air Act to set a science-based national pollution cap for greenhouse pollutants, and to drive emissions towards zero economy-wide.

Contact Joe Biden

Call or write to our U.S. Senators Cantwell and Murray and ask them to:            

Endorse the Green New Deal (GND) and reply with what GND bills they will sponsor or cosponsor.

Contact Senator Murray

Contact Senator Cantwell

Call or write to your member of Congress, and ask them:          

What GND bills they will sponsor.

If your Congressperson is Representative Jayapal or Representative Adam Smith, thank them for supporting the Green New Deal!

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We insist that politicians take action now to address climate change.

The Green New Deal is a 5-point plan to transition the US to a greener economy. Congress has not taken action on those bills when they have been introduced. We represent a coalition that pushes Congress to introduce and pass the Green New Deal and take action on the crisis of our lifetimes.

Read the Green New Deal bills.

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Why should you support the Green New Deal?

The Green New Deal isn’t about destroying the economy to save the environment. It’s a plan that rescues the environment by shifting our economy so that we can all live sustainably. If you aren’t sure whether supporting it is compatible with your values, we’ve provided some answers to those questions.

Check our Take Action page for current actions.

Join us! Help grow the movement.

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