Democratic Socialists provided the following information and request on public schools:

It was bad enough that before the pandemic, decades of disinvestment forced teachers in working class neighborhoods to fundraise for school supplies. But now, they’re turning to GoFundMe for ventilation and PPE, just to keep students safe from COVID—especially in the black and brown communities who have already been hit hardest.

It’s time to right this wrong.

The Green New Deal for Public Schools calls for $1.4 trillion dollars in increased funding to public schools, to transform crumbling, polluted buildings into strong, healthy pillars of our communities, and hire the teachers and support staff needed to keep them that way.

With a Green New Deal for Public Schools, we can finally start building the world our children deserve. So tell Congress to start building it now:

Send a letter to your representative to demand: Support the Green New Deal for Public Schools and fight for public school funding in the infrastructure bill! A sample letter can be found here.



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