Actions that can address climate change:

1. Tell our Congressional Representatives: End subsidies for the oil, gas and coal industry now.

Fossil fuel corporations survive and stay profitable due to subsidies of billions of your hard-earned tax dollars. Ask our Congressional reps to co-sponsor HR 2102, the End Polluter Welfare Act, and to push for the bill to be included in the President’s American Jobs Plan to avoid the filibuster. Click here to act.

2. Tell our President Biden: Stop Line 3 fossil fuel pipeline now. At our June meeting, Coalition leader Julia Buck shared her experience of arrest for protesting Line 3. Along with many other treaty protectors, she demanded a halt to a massive pipeline underway in northern Minnesota that violates Indigenous rights and would carry the pollution equivalent to fifty coal power plants over delicate waterways and biomes. Julia urged the Coalition and other partners to join the campaign to demand that President Biden to use has the power to stop this project by reviewing the permits granted by Trump and halting Line 3 construction immediately. Click here for more information, to sign the petition and take action.

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