“Build Back Better is crucial. It can drive the U.S. a substantial distance toward achieving the 50 to 52 percent reduction,” according to David Waskow of World Resources Institute (NBC News, 11/28/21). Some the provisions of the bill are described here. The Sierra Club national website has a full description of environmental provisions and action that you can take to support the bill. As of this writing, the Build Back Better vote has been suspended due to opposition form Senator Manchin but Majority Leader Senator Schumer has indicated that it will be reintroduced.

Senator Manchin’s arguments against the current version of the bill include its costs and that increases in renewable energy would threaten the stability of the electric grid. But consequences of climate change would pose much greater costs and threats to the grid, as documented in a Climate Wire article, here.

At a Pass the Green New Deal WA webinar on January 25, 2022, Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said that the progressive caucus is still working on passing the BBB by March 1, by the time of the State of the Union address. She requested that coalition members keep pressure on Congress to pass the bill.

Build Back Fossil Fuel Free

In parallel with efforts to pass the Build Back Better bill with its many climate programs, our coalition members have been looking at proposals by the Build Back Fossil Free (BBFF) group to encourage the Biden Administration to take executive actions that could accomplish climate actions independent of congressional actions. You can look at the website of BBFF at https://buildbackfossilfree.org/. Near the bottom is a list of all the group members, including several who are also affiliated with Pass the Green New Deal WA coalition.

Update on April 12: BBFF has been renamed “People vs. Fossil Fuels” and has published a list of principles and actions here. The BBFF website is still active and all the links still work.

If you click on the “Take Action” item in the BBFF website, it will lead to a petition to the White House. Also, there is a list of 25 executive actions President Biden can take at https://buildbackfossilfree.org/biden-executive-action-blueprint/. The text of a letter to President Biden can be signed and forwarded to the White House by individuals and/or groups in the coalition. You can register for a Build Back Better Fossil Fuel Free rally on February 24 here.


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