As of December 6, 2020, the NDAA is still up for debate and there is time for action. See below for details.

Stop Senator Manchin’s dirty deal to fast track fossil fuels In December Congress will vote on the budget and on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which is military spending. Manchin and some Republicans have threatened to shut down the government unless the deal is attached. So at our recent Coalition meeting, we all agreed: we need to tell Congress to just say no and ask other climate justice groups and leaders to join us in speaking up. How useless and dangerous is this dirty deal? Extremely useless and dangerous. Contrary to proponents’ assertions, it’s a very poor vehicle to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. For example, it not merely allows, but mandates accelerated permitting for traditional dirty energy projects such as fossil fuels and biofuels, and new dirty energy technologies such as carbon capture and hydrogen, treating them on par with renewable energy and electric transmission projects. Find out more details about the dirty deal here. How do we to stop the dirty deal? Write, call, & meet with Senators and Congress members! Our national allies are urging us to write, call, and meet with our Congressmembers and Senators Murray and Cantwell to urge them to publicly oppose any future fossil fuel permitting deal. If you represent an organization, be sure to mention that! Here’s an example to write or say: “I am outraged that Manchin may try to hold our federal budget hostage to force his dirty deal on it. Please publicly oppose and vote against any amendments that would expand or fast-track pipelines and other fossil fuel projects.”  
You can also sign a letter drafted by Earth Justice that tells Congress to oppose the dirty permitting deal. Click here. in a new tab)



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